Monday, January 30, 2012

Ordering Domino's Pizza Online?

I heard that you have to pay by credit card is that true or can you pay when your pizza is delivered?Ordering Domino's Pizza Online?
You can pay by cash or card they will accept the money $$$
No, you can pay by cash or credit card/gift card. If you are paying credit/gift card then I would enter it online otherwise the driver is going to have to call the store and give them all the information over the phone---big pain!

One thing I like to do is pay by credit online %26amp; you can put the tip amount in. I've noticed my food gets here a lot faster when you give them a decent tip :)Ordering Domino's Pizza Online?
If you spend over a certain amount (might be 拢25 or something similar) then you have to pay by card. Otherwise you can pay cash.

This MIGHT be Pizza Hut I'm thinking of, but I'm pretty sure it's Dominos!
Not true.

I work at Domino's. You can pay by cash credit debit(if offered) or gift card. You just specify at the end of your order.Ordering Domino's Pizza Online?
You can pay when they get to your door, by gift card or credit card
I pay on delivery by check and order online all the time.
check, cash, and card at the door
When ordering online, it gives u the option of paying cash or credit card

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